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Player Information:
Name: Elle
Age: 24
Contact: [plurk.com profile] evildoers
Game Cast: Anne Bonny | [personal profile] softlycall | AC

Character Information:
Name: Keiki - literally 'kei kingdom's (kei) male kirin (ki)'. Some kirin are given familiar names by their kings, he was not; some kirin are named posthumously, but he is the current kirin of Kei.
Canon: Juuni Kokki/The Twelve Kingdoms
Canon Point: During Youko's reign, after the uprising and civil war (immediately post-Skies of Dawn)
Age: His human form appears to be a young adult. He's about 50-60 years old.
Reference: His 12K Wiki entry

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Jul. 13th, 2011 11:44 pm
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Character Information.
Keiki, kirin and the Kei Taiho. Minister to Sekishi, Kei-ou, familiarly known as Youko. Formerly minister to Yo-ou.
No given name.
Elevates social ineptitude to an art form. An art form full of linefaces and sighing.
contents of his tower trunk
Lives in room 2-02.
Wears a blue collar.

Player Information.
[livejournal.com profile] otilu
Plurk: evildoers
AIM: Got Materia
1. Set in Praxus Dome
It wasn't exactly a choice Keiki had made himself, to go out on patrol with April Ryan. It was more that he had gathered his continued presence in the base was causing discomfort - or, as he had been told more directly, he was just a little bit depressing to be around. There wasn't anything preventing him from leaving, of course; he had just assumed that the easiest method of staying out of the group's way was to remain within their quarters.

An assumption that was, as usual, wrong.

He sighed. It was more a mental expression; the form of a Kirin wasn't particularly suited to it as anything more substantial. He'd tried, back in the kingdom, to suppress such sighs for the sake of his King, but there didn't seem to be much point here. Other than not being assigned patrols. He turned, descended from the ledge he had been balanced on, and trotted back to his clothing so he could transform and rejoin Ms. Ryan.

Several minutes of careful dressing and a short walk later, and he had achieved all of those things.

"I could find nothing unusual," he reported, looking down at April. "The storms may indeed have passed on."

2. Set in Animus
[so, making a kirin into a pool cleaner is rather stupid, considering their ability to walk on water gets in the way. But nonetheless, Keiki has been finished with his job in time most days.

The pool might also have been purified by the holy power of a kirin's horn accidentally. A few times. It happens.

Time for lunch! Salad, yum. Whilst Keiki thinks he appears reserved, polite and graceful, he actually looks like he's moping. Which he is, but he's doing it in a reserved and graceful way.

omnom lettuce.]


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